Do you work with babies and toddlers?

At this time I am only working with kids 3 years old and up.

Do you work with Adults?

Absolutely! I work with all ages, although I do specialize in working with kids through young adults.

What are your packages and rates?

You can find my Los Angeles area packages and rates here!

Please e-mail me at info@renadurham.com me regarding my travel sessions, as packages and rates are a bit different to accommodate travel costs and expenses.

How do I book a session?

Please send me an e-mail and let me know your location, who the session is for and what kind of session you are looking to book. I will reply with all the details you will need to book your session.


Where do you shoot?

I conduct my outdoor and studio sessions in the San Fernando Valley (Burbank).

Should I book a studio or outdoor session?

Studio sessions are available for a 3-4 look session only.

It truly is a matter of preference. Some agents/managers prefer studio, some prefer natural light outdoor sessions... when booking a studio you can get the best of both worlds (weather permitting) as we can do both in studio and outside looks. For a model especially, having both really adds more variety to your portfolio and is always recommended.

If you or your child have very sensitive eyes (squint outdoor) you may want to consider a studio session.

Do you recommend hair/mu for your sessions?

Definitely! Hair services include not only styling of the hair (important for variations in the looks we are doing) but the stylist is also constantly monitoring things as we shoot, often stepping in to adjust and fix hair issues (stray/flyaways hairs, etc.) Light natural make-up covers any blemishes, evens out skin tone, any shiny areas on the face and lightens any dark areas under & around eyes Recommended for both girls and guys of all ages!

If you do NOT opt for hair/mu, you will be responsible for any makeup/hair styling. You will be expected to arrive camera ready (hair and makeup done for the first look), bring any tools and products you need for hair/MU Changes AND step in throughout the session as needed for fixes and adjustments.

No outside hair/mu artists are allowed at my sessions.

Do you offer discounts of any kind?

AGENCY DISCOUNTS - Package pricing reflects my agency rates, if you're not represented by one of the qualifying agents, there's an additional $50 added to the total. Qualifying agents are those based in LA who have listed me as a recommended photographer.. Does not apply to travel sessions or any discounted promotions.

REPEAT CLIENT - If you shot with me in 2023, you qualify for $25 off your session (Los Angeles clients only)

One discount per session.

What is 'a look'?

Generally speaking, a "look" is considered a single change of wardrobe, or change of hair/makeup, or any combination of the two. I will not charge extra for the removal of a jacket (layer) or getting some shots with glasses on/off.

You will be sent clothing suggestions and a list of favorite brands. Looks will be styled from the wardrobe YOU supply unless you opt to add-on wardrobe styling to your session. I would be happy to look at your clothing options prior to the session and give you advice. Please email images with your child wearing the clothing at least 72 hours prior to the session so adjustments can be made if needed.

Do you offer wardrobe styling?

You bet! Having the right wardrobe for your shoot is a vital ingredient to the success and ultimate outcome of your photos. I am currently only offering VIRTUAL WARDROBE STYLING at this time. You can find out all the details here!

Unless you opt for wardrobe styling, you will be responsible for styling your session. I would suggest speaking with your agent or manager to see if there is anything specific they would like to have captured within your session. You can also feel free to send me shots of your child in the potential outfits ahead of the session to get my opinion beforehand (please do this at least 5 business days prior to the session) And please bring them to the session on hangers, steamed and wrinkle free!

A list of clothing suggestions will be provided to you prior to your session, along with favorite brands and links to Rena’s Pinterest boards.

Can I bring siblings or friends to my session?

Please do NOT bring extra people to your session (including siblings, family members, friends, etc.) unless previously authorized to do so. There is a limited amount of space and we want to respect those being photographed along with the photographer and hair/mu artist and crew.

When will I receive my images after the session?

You will receive your images within 7-14 days of your session (Los Angeles clients only). If you need your images right away, you can always add-on a 'rush delivery' service to your session and your images will be ready within 24-48 business hours after your session for a fee of $150.

What is your retouching policy?

Your complimentary retouches come with ‘Basic Retouching’ which includes removing blemishes, lightening around the eyes, fixing skin tones, remove distracting flyaway hair, etc. I do not remove scars and moles (you want to look like you!) I can lighten their appearance however if requested. All retouching is very natural and light. You may provide a detailed list on what you would like done when ordering retouched files. Additional fees would apply for any retouching beyond basic retouching. You may not, in any way, shape or manner, edit, crop or retouch any images taken by Rena Durham or have a third party do so. This includes posting images on social media sites and adding filters (NO FILTERS ALLOWED). Any editing, cropping or retouching must be done by Rena Durham.

How will COVID-19 change how you do sessions?

Your health and safety is of the utmost importance so I will be following CDC and state guidelines to ensure the safest environment possible. I am vaccinated (along with the hair/mu artists that I work with). Only ONE parent or guardian will be allowed for child sessions (no other guests for adult sessions).

Clients are required to cancel or reschedule if they have shown any symptoms associated with Covid-19 within 14 days of their scheduled session or have been in contact with anyone who has shown symptoms, or has been diagnosed.